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World Health Day: Diet and nutrition tips according to your age

It's important to meet your daily nutritional needs. Failing to do so over a period of time can lead to serious health problems.

World Diabetes Day 2018: Foods which are good for diabetics

World Diabetes Day 2018: While it cannot be cured completely, diabetes can be curbed to a large extent with the help of proper medical assistance, diet and regular exercise.

Once Paralyzed, Three Men Take Steps Again With Spinal Implant

Mzee, now 33, is one of three men who lost the use of their legs years ago after severe spinal injuries, but who now are able to walk without any supports, if briefly and awkwardly, with the help of a pacemakerlike implant.

Good gut health: Eat these 5 foods for a healthy stomach

Foods that are fermented like oats, barley, pulses, fruits and vegetables, stimulate the production of good bacteria. This keeps the gut healthy and also prevents obesity, cancer and gastrointestinal disorders.

Number of people suffering from hunger increasing, UN report

The analysis has revealed, in 2017 around 821 million people were undernourished. It was also stated that two per cent of the total global pollution have had their growth stunted owing to lack of sufficient nutrition.

Prevalence of diabetes up by 150% in 26 years, finds Lancet Global Health study

The prevalence of diabetes in adults above 20 years increased from 5.5 per cent in 1990 to 7.7 per cent in 2016.

Schoolbag weight may not be lone reason for back pain: Study

Back pain was reported by a greater proportion of students watching television for more than one hour a day (58.6% vs 41.4%).

Suicide prediction now possible!

Machine learning — a future frontier for artificial intelligence can predict with 80-90 percent accuracy whether someone will attempt suicide as far off as two years into the future.

Gender divide in heart health check-up?

The odds of women being appropriately screened is 12% lower than men.

Brains of obese people wired to crave fatty foods

A part of the problem could form while the brain pathways are forming during childhood, with children who are rewarded for good behaviour with sweet treats, forming an association between sugar and feeling good.

Immune therapy for colon cancer shows promise

This study is exciting because it looks at an immunotherapy intervention for a previously unresponsive gastrointestinal cancer.

Novel wireless patch may ease migraine pain sans drugs

The device uses electrical stimulation to block the pain signals from reaching the brain and the patch contains rubber electrodes and a chip on an armband.