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India’s family health picture has several bright patches, but also a few dark spots

For urban areas the gap between the overall sex ratio in the state and that for births in the last five years was glaring in some cases.

Pakistan’s terror-finance time-bomb

Islamabad is now feeling the heat from the global Financial Action Task Force — but this isn’t the end of the Lashkar-e-Toiba story

Shoot-at-sight is not unjustified. But that alone can’t stop poaching at Kaziranga

The BBC documentary on Kaziranga and the action against a Corbett official, who issued a shoot-at-sight order, show there are no easy ways to combat poaching

Pakistan’s new war on terror

On February 22, Inter Services Public Relations, media wing of the Pakistan Armed Forces, announced the launch of Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad against terrorists across the country. The operation’s declared scope is sweeping, and it comes less than 3 yrs after Zarb-e-Azb, the Army’s assault on terrorists in FATA

RSS vs Left: Why ideological juggernaut sees roadblocks ahead

Both the communists and the Hindu Right saw the dismantling of the Congress as an essential precursor to their own growth and implementation of their grand narrative.

IAS officers in Bihar are angry, BJP, RJD smug. Here is why

An extraordinary ongoing protest has seen Bihar government officers wearing black badges to work in protest against a senior colleague’s arrest. But the issues are wider.

When two opposing sides claim the same right: SC shows way

Lays down principle of ‘interest of collective or social order’ in cases of ‘intra-conflict’ of fundamental right

Bharat Stage-VI in 3 years: Race over speedbumps

Dirty air is a public health emergency. But it won’t be easy to jump straight from BS-IV to BS-VI emission norms. The Indian Express explains.

The unfolding drama in Naliya, Gujarat: An alleged rape, political turmoil and questions without answers

After days of protests by the Congress and AAP, and arrest of 4 BJP leaders, government has agreed to a judicial probe. The Indian Express tells the story.

An even safer jab, says WHO

India’s vaccine regulatory system has just been marked higher than the score it obtained in the last assessment 5 years ago. The Indian Express explains the ranking system, and what it means.

Issues in the strike by app cabbies, why a repeat is expected

Uber and Ola drivers have returned to NCR roads, but their complaints remain unaddressed.

All about Mulayam Singh’s favourite Gayatri Prasad Prajapati and the gangrape case against him

Register FIR against MLA, the SC said, and PM Modi was quick to use the order as a stick to beat Akhilesh with.