Ramin Jahanbegloo

The writer is Noor-York Chair in Islamic Studies, York University, Toronto.

Articles By Ramin Jahanbegloo

Trump and the Iran boomerang

New US sanctions can hurt Iran. But they also risk alienating young Iranians from America.

Without Rafsanjani

His sobering influence will be missed at a time when hawks hold sway in Iran and the country faces a hostile US.

Renewing the India-Iran relationship

India and Iran have had long and close cultural links, and their ancient and modern histories have been intertwined

The Problem With Revenge

To prevent another Brussels, the world must change its perception of Muslims.

A test for Iran’s future

An outcome of parliamentary polls will be the next Supreme Leader’s identity.

The Year Of The Vienna Deal

Iran may transform from an insular security state to a regional power.

A Europe Without Empathy

West has undergone de-civilisation. It is on show in the unfolding refugee crisis

The deal in Iran

Nuclear agreement marks a new era in Iranian politics. But political troubles await the Middle East

Iran n-deal: So much to gain

Iran n-deal is a handsome reward of diplomacy, in contrast to military options

The Iran reality check

Democratic changes are of greater importance than the drumbeats of war