Arun Prakash

The writer is a retired chief of naval staff.

Articles By Arun Prakash

The significance of Arihant

Navy’s first home-built, ballistic-missile armed submarine makes India’s nuclear deterrence credible

No more committees

Interests of national security demand the urgent creation of an overarching Ministry of Defence Technology & Industrial Production, and other reforms

Breaking the N-silence

Parrikar has broken a tradition of sphinx-like silence, wherein his two UPA predecessors rarely acknowledged the existence of India’s nuclear deterrent or even mentioned the ‘N’ word.

Look before you escalate

Loud jingoism and war talk erode India’s credibility, distract government from urgent task at hand.

In deep water

Scorpene data leak underlines the hazards of India’s dependence on foreign sources for military hardware.

Joining forces

India needs a chief of defence staff and a system of theatre commands


The best democracies in the world have retained firm civilian control over their armed forces not by isolating them,but by involving them in the national security decision-making process

Troubleshooting in the sea

Establish procedures to keep the waters safe for ships and fisherfolk

Not a sabre for rattling

Agni V is a vital component of India’s nuclear deterrence

Repair the ramparts

Corruption in the armed forces is merely the symptom of a cancer embedded in our polity