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Parenthesis: Managing parent and teacher relationships

For both parties, the meeting can be either constructive or a complete waste of time. But the onus of the same does not depend on the teacher alone. As a parent, we have a role to play too.

Crazy things the Greeks actually saw in ancient India

The Greeks noted that there was no slavery in that part of India that they saw.

Teach your child the value of sharing

A lot can be accomplished with patience and gentleness. You can make your child do things your way through the language of love.

Puu, a children’s book on manual scavenging, was born of ‘anger’

"The reason we used flowers is because the Tamil word Puu (meaning flowers) sounds a lot like an English word that means something completely different. It was the perfect metaphor."

Tackling diabetes in children: A guide for parents from a doctor

It is advisable that you always carry a snack, again as recommended by your endocrinologist, at times when blood sugar may fall, especially with vigorous activity.

Is your baby getting enough sleep?

Research has shown that irregular sleeping habits in early childhood can adversely affect the cognitive development of a child.

Why water and milk are the best fluids for your child

As water is a zero calorie drink, it is excellent for managing weight as well. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water per day is important for kids as it keeps them hydrated.

How to control your child’s sugar intake and why

To avoid sugary foods, parents should introduce nutritious foods like whole foods while the kids are younger so that they adapt to eating more of healthy foods.

Fun ways to teach toddlers the joy of numbers

Games such as making newspaper balls and throwing them in a net can be helpful as the children can count their hits and misses.

Chess as a hobby or pro sport? A primer for newbie chess parents

You don’t have to be intelligent to play chess, you become intelligent by playing chess.

‘Miracle baby’ photo goes viral, but what’s the truth about IVF?

As adorable as the baby’s picture looks, it is gaining attention for depicting not just the birth of a child but also the challenges associated with it.