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Japanese town recreates Mona Lisa using 24,000 rice-crackers

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The huge installation was made using different coloured and flavoured rice-crackers to promote a local speciality. (Source: Japan Lovers/ Twitter)

Around 200 residents of a Japanese town have recreated the iconic Mona Lisa painting using just rice-crackers! They recreated the Leonardo da Vinci painting using 24,000 pieces of the edible treats.

The huge installation was created at a gymnasium in Soka, Saitama Prefecture and was 13-metres-long and 9-metres-wide, the Bangkok Post reported. The painting was recreated to promote a particular type of rice cracker, a local speciality called ‘Soka Senbei’, the Japan Times said in a report.

The mind-boggling food art was created using rice crackers of seven different colours. The rice crackers were coloured using different ingredients such as soy sauce, matcha green tea, and sugar. The residents used these coloured crackers to recreate the artwork, Kyodo News added.


The huge mosaic atwork was completed by the mayor who placed the final pieces. The town also had officials from Guinness World Records on hand.

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When officials from Guinness World Records certified it as “the world’s largest mosaic made of the treat”, participants applauded, the Japan Times report added.

“It’s amazing that you can draw a painting with senbei (rice crackers),” said seven-year-old Mei Hamano, who took part in the creation of the giant painting with her family.


Reportedly, the beautiful creation was dismantled shortly afterwards and the rice-crackers were distributed among people for free.