The need for greater health insurance in India cannot be overstated.


Private or out-of-the-pocket healthcare expenditure in India is considerably higher when compared to the global average. Coupled with the rising costs of healthcare, it is not a stretch to imagine that millions of Indians have to deal with financial straits whenever a medical issue arises.

Health insurance can be a major life-saver here. However, it sits quite low on people’s list of financial or even healthcare priorities. Owing to a few misconceptions, Indians are still largely unaware of the advantages of having the right health insurance policy in place.

Myth: Purchasing a health insurance policy is expensive, and can only be on the table for higher-income individuals.

Fact: The expenditure on health insurance is often overestimated.

For the price of a single meal at a decent restaurant, you could ensure that your future medical expenses are taken care of, and live without any anxiety or inconvenience whatsoever!

Additionally, HDFC Life offers Cardiac Care and Cancer Care that specifically cover cardiovascular and cancer treatment.

Myth: A health insurance policy is excessive. Why spend money for an emergency that may or may not occur?

Fact: A health insurance policy does not just come in handy during a medical emergency, but also serves as a potent instrument for availing tax benefits.

Myth : Health insurance is complicated and involves mounds of paperwork and elaborate calculations.

Fact: It is entirely possible to sign up for policies online without having to go through tedious paperwork. On the internet, one can compare between various policies offered, seek reviews from other users and carefully select a policy that matches their needs. The issue of misunderstanding does not arise, as you go directly to the source for all relevant data and can make an informed decision.

Bottom Line: Health Insurance should be a priority


The need for greater health insurance in India cannot be overstated. Health insurance penetration reflects the quality of life of a country’s population, as it means that people do not have to stretch themselves financially, just to stay healthy. Instead of worrying about paying off medical bills, they can focus on recovery, enjoying the peace of mind so necessary for successful recuperation.