What to expect in 2019, Economy: Some gains likely in poll year, but don’t count on growth spurt yet

Gains from GST and insolvency code will begin to accrue, but may not immediately translate into higher growth rates. The impact of the new government’s decisions will take a while to show. Major worries remain at home and abroad. Expect volatility in the stock markets.

A single tale

For over 30 years, the people of Hashimpura have been reliving the killings

Death of a tiger

The gunning down of Avni points to a pressing problem in several parts of the country — human-animal conflict.

Note from Rajan

Former RBI governor points to the several guilty in the bad loans mess. Government must listen to him.

Dangerous student: Surely, nation’s sovereignty isn’t undermined by a 20-year-old?

Trolls will be trolls but why are senior voices in the government talking as if a placard threatens national security?

BJP rising

Civic polls results indicate that the party has pushed Congress aside to emerge as the real challenger to BJD in Odisha

In the Moonlight

The Oscars has placed the Black story at the heart of the nation’s narrative

February 28, 1977, Forty Years Ago: JP’s Speech Broadcast

Emphasising the extraordinary significance of these elections, JP observed that its outcome would decide the country’s future.

February 27, 1976, Forty Years Ago: George denied bail

The magistrate said the plea could not be accepted as he had failed to show any law in support of his contention that the accused was to be granted bail simply because he was contesting for a Lok Sabha seat.

All that glitters

Telangana’s chief minister needs to focus on addressing perceptions that the new state has not delivered on its promises